How Kettlebell Training Benefits Your Body

Updated: Aug 30

How Kettlebell Training Benefits Your Body Kettlebell training is a full body workout with just one piece of equipment. You literally do all the exercises you’ll ever need to do using the kettlebell alone. There is a learning curve to using the kettlebell correctly, but once you do, the benefits you’ll experience for your body are going to be amazing. Let’s look at how kettlebell training benefits your body. * Builds Strength and Muscles – Since it is a weight and you can get all sizes and weights for your kettlebell workouts, it builds your strength and muscles. However, it mostly provides good tone without building them into bulky "bodybuilder" muscles. This is very healthy. * Builds Cardio Conditioning – You can do a slow-burn workout or a fast-ballistic workout that works your cardiovascular system like nothing else. And, no need to run and put undue pressure of pounding pavement on your joints to get the same (and often better) results. * Improves Your Daily Function – There are certain daily activities which are necessary to maintain the bodily functions for life when you get older. If you work out regularly with your kettlebell, you will stay balanced and strong longer. * Helps You Lose Weight – A study by the American Council on Exercise determined that the kettlebell workout burns a lot more calories than other workouts that take longer. One kettlebell swing (which is a 15-second swing up and about 15 seconds of rest) is the same as running a six-minute mile. Experienced kettlebell users love to go for that 1200-calorie hour workout. * Improves Flexibility – Many of the exercises you do are designed to make you much more flexible. The longer you stay flexible, the longer you can reach things for yourself at home and do the basic things you need to care for yourself. You’ll improve your performance in other things that you do - like water skiing, for example. * Increases Core Strength and Stability – Hardly anything is more important than your core strength because it’s what gives you stability. Every single workout with the kettlebell addresses core strength because it’s at the center of everything to do with your health and how the device works. * Increases Endurance – Working out with your kettlebell will increase your endurance faster than some other exercise. Work toward at least three sets of each rep to help improve your endurance. This workout will help all aspects of your body perform every task it needs to do each day. What’s more is that you don’t have to work out longer. 20 to 30 minutes each day is enough. However, you can do a high-intensity calorie-burning workout too, as some people love to shoot for the 1200-calorie hour with their kettlebell workouts.

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