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Personal Training Structured to Your Personal Goals

About SJM Fitness

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Coach, my goal is to guide my clients towards their fitness and wellness goals. Everyone is different and this requires a structured training plan that is owned by the trainer and the client. Only through great communication and performance management can these goals be achieved.

Our mission is to provide that service.

What We Do

Personal Training Services

We provide certified personal training services in the gym, in your home or virtually through the use of technology.

We believe that your health and wellness goals go deeper than just looking great on the outside. True health and fitness also conditions you at the functional level, increasing your strength and conditioning through your entire body. 

We design a fitness program that is structured to achieve your fitness goals.

SJM Fitness serves the Kingwood, Texas area.

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Training Software Platform

SJM Fitness Uses The True Coach Application


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